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Social Security Benefits, To Wait Or Not To Wait?

One aspect of concern for people who work in salaried jobs and have a fixed tenure of work, after which they are supposed to retire, is how they will manage their finances and social security benefits post-retirement.

While pensions are the most likely answer, another key consideration on which close to 50 million people depend during retirement living is the Social Security benefits and the payments related to it.

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It might not be the only income source for the elderly, but it is an important one. There might be some who underestimate its value due to the government’s underfunding, but a majority of the people are still heavily reliant on it.

This article aims to look at the various aspects of Social Security benefits in detail:

Social Security Benefits

Social Security Benefits are a payment of a stipulated amount that is paid regularly to retirees who are qualified, disabled, or the wives and children of the concerned. It is a program that runs in the United States of America that provides financial support to the elderly by giving them a partial but steady income.

The law came into force in 1935, and it includes many insurance and welfare programs that are approved by the administration in charge of it. The individuals who are eligible for these benefits make deposits while they are employed and gain credit points in return.

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Once they earn enough credit points of 40, they become qualified for it. A person can earn up to 4 credit points in a year. Therefore, a minimum working and employed period of 10 years is an absolute necessity, barring special circumstances.

Upon completing the protocol, they can start getting the benefits from the retirement age of 65 years. However, one can opt for it at 62 years of age and have a lesser benefit amount due to this premature collection. Conversely, starting the collection at 70 years ensures the benefits of higher amounts.

Types of Social Security

They are mainly of 4 types of social security benefits.

Retirement benefits

It is the most common type that is generally associated with Social Security benefits. The person’s salary before retirement and the age at which he or she starts collecting the payments determine the monthly benefit amount. Though the amount may not be huge, it will be enough to cover any outstanding debts.

Disability benefits

This is applicable for people who have some disability and cannot work anymore. There is a certain amount of time that a person has to be employed to be eligible for it as well. The amount is dependent on the previous salary. The spouse and children of the disabled are also eligible for it.

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Survivors benefits

Survivor benefits are received by the survivor’s beneficiaries. Benefits are dependent on the age at which the worker died and the salary being received and the survivor’s relationship with the deceased and the age.

Supplemental Security Income Benefits

This type of Social security benefit is mainly for people who are not capable enough to earn sufficient wages to support themselves and their families.

Things parents should know about Social Security

Since it will be the elderly and parents who will be eligible for Social Security Benefits here are a few things that they should be aware:

The work history plays a crucial determining role.

Benefit are subjected to change based on age, earning, and experience.

It’s also important to note the difference between the year of birth and the age at which benefits start to be withdrawn.

Should not be a working individual while withdrawing the benefits.

Taxes are applicable to it.

The statement of the Social Security Benefit is not accurate to the point and is an estimate.

Seek out a local social security office near you if you have specific questions about benefits.

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Is delaying Social Security benefits the correct move?

The answer to this is mostly subjective. A big concern for many is what if they start withdrawing their benefits early and outlive their money. It is a plausible chance. Therefore, it is better to wait up to the age of 67 years or more to start withdrawing.

Due to the inflation in the market and the increased interest rates, your regular payment amount will also be higher. However, you need to consider the health of an individual and family history as well. If there is any predilection, withdrawing earlier might be the sensible thing to do.

The bottom line

It is always better not to keep your Social Security Benefits as your only income source at old age. However, withdrawing it at the right time can do you a good world, both financially and mentally.

These are a few of the most critical points related to Social Security benefits. It gives a brief idea of how it works and can enable you to make the right decision regarding when to start withdrawing it.

About the guest author…

Michael Morelli

Michael is a seasoned writer who loves to write about issues relating to retirement, Medicare, and Social Security.

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