September 8


Saving Money as an Online School Student

The technological age has really proven its point. At a time when the world is facing a crisis, the internet has become a refuge for education. Since physical classes can’t be conducted because of social distancing, schools have taken the form of video calls, emails, and classroom apps.

Even though you don’t need to go out in this “new normal” and have the expenses you used to have, there are still financial aspects to online learning. Tuition is still there as well as other school expenses. Online shopping has also peaked because of quarantine. As an online student, your savings don’t have to suffer.

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Buy Secondhand

After completing the requirements for your enrollment in senior high school, you’re going to get a list of textbooks you need for the school year. This is another financial aspect of your education, as books cost a few more extra thousands on top of your tuition.

What other students do is look for an older student who had the same books last year. Some books don’t have that much damage to them because some teachers create their own activities apart from the ones in the book. While some students highlight and write notes on the margins, this will be an advantage for you because it will lead you to the important items about the topic.

Your saving will depend on how much the older student sells their books. Nevertheless, it’s going to be a huge difference compared to purchasing new ones.

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Go digital

Aside from books, other schools might provide third party resources as references. They could be in PDF, PowerPoint presentations, or notes. One way you can save is by sticking to the digital copies of these resources. In other words, you don’t need to print them.

Not only will you save paper and ink, but you’ll also benefit from note-taking. Plotting the important points in your notebook allows you to be more attentive to the details of what you’re reading. As a result, you’ll understand the topic better. Since note-taking turns you into an active learner, it helps you retain information compared to only passively reading.

There are studies that find handwritten notes to be better than digital ones. However, research that says both avenues for note-taking don’t cause a lot of difference when it comes to learning. Whether you’re a digital note-taker or not, the best way to learn is to stick to what you’re comfortable with.

Easy on the School Supplies

People have shown to have an obsession with school supplies. If you’re one of the people who go into a stationery store needing a pen but comes out with a whole year’s supply to notebooks, it’s time for self-control. Perhaps, the best way to do this is to practice suppressing the urge to impulse shop.

When browsing through shelves of cute school stuff, consider evaluating whether you need the thing or not. Maybe you already have one at home. Maybe you don’t need another color of highlighter after all.

Before going out, set aside the money you’re allowed to spend for the day. Aside from those bills, leave the rest of your money–and cards–to someone you trust or lock it in a safe compartment in your home. This way, you’ll have a visual reminder of how much money is left in your wallet and trick your brain that you don’t have any left.

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Lock the Online Shopping App When You’re Stressed

On the topic of impulse buying, constantly checking the online shopping app on your phone is a huge temptation. It becomes even more tempted when you’re stressed, and that’s not a new concept in senior high school.

When you’re trying to save, retail therapy is your biggest enemy. You’re not alone, though, as 62 percent of shoppers have also succumbed to the little joys of retail therapy. Sure, you’ll feel great when checking out an item but wait until the buyer’s remorse sinks in.

You don’t need to be stuck in this cycle. There are other ways for relaxation and entertainment that won’t come at the price of your monthly allowance. You can turn to your friends, spend time with them, and have a good laugh. You can also turn to readily available devices at home like video games or movies and TV–as long as they don’t get between you and your studies.

Feeling stressed or bored while being stuck at home is valid. Your reactions to it matter, and as you navigate the world of online classes, it’s best to still be financially smart. The skills you learn from saving money at an early age could carry on until you’re older.

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