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Online Marriage Counseling, Can it Really Help Get Things Back on Track?

This is a sponsored post by Regain.us. All opinions are my own. 

We all know that marriage is hard work. Knowing how to communicate with one another, trusting each other, and even parenting together all takes work on both partners’ parts.

Often times couples can feel like they have failed when they decide that they need to seek outside help.

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This is not the case!

People change, sometimes there is a break down in communication, or a couple just might need an objective perspective on their situation to be able to work through something.

However, there are also cases where marriage counseling is needed to fix larger issues, such as infidelity or consistent issues revolving around money.

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Common issues couples face

When couples have experienced a lack of trust, there is a breakdown in communication that usually follows. It doesn’t really matter where the lack of trust comes from, a cheating spouse or major disagreements on parenting issues. Every situation and relationship is different.

Resentment is also a big problem in many marriages. Resenting your spouse can happen for many reasons. For example, perhaps your significant other is the breadwinner and career person and gets to pursue their passion while you are working a job you hate or are staying home with the kids when you would rather be out climbing the corporate ladder.

It happens, we all have to make sacrifices for our partner. After a while, these resentments, gone unchecked, can cause rifts in a marriage, which can then lead to a breakdown in communication.

What if your partner is skeptical? 

Couples counseling or marriage counseling can be very beneficial to work through communication breakdowns, resentment issues, or other disagreements within the relationship. Seeing a counselor can help to bring a secondary, non-bias, and objective view of the situation.

However, it can be difficult sometimes to get the other party on board. Perhaps they don’t see the issues or are not willing to “air their dirty laundry” in front of others.

The best thing you can do in a situation like this is to explain to your partner why seeking help from a marriage or couples counselor is important to you. Remember to use “I” statements (a little trick I learned while pursuing my psychology degree).

For example, “I would like to attend marriage counseling because I feel it would benefit us in [this] way.” If you go after your partner and make them feel like it is their fault that you are wanting to seek counseling, you will most likely be met with immediate resistance.

Seeking couples counseling from a professionally licensed online therapist has many benefits. Perhaps talking to someone face to face envokes too much anxiety, or you can’t find a sitter for the kids. Using online counseling services can help with this.

Online Therapists – Are They Worth It?

There are, however, some limitations to online counseling in comparison to traditional face-to-face counseling. An online therapist is unable to offer an official diagnosis or mental disorders, prescribe medications, or fulfill any court orders.

There is, however, a significant advantage as far as the cost of seeking an online counselor (and we all like to save where we can, right?). Normally while face-to-face therapy sessions for couples can cost between $150-250 per session (and not all insurance covers couples counseling), Regain.us offers sessions from $40-70 per week, and that includes both parties.

So if you feel that counseling just might be the answer to your marital issues, why not give online couples therapy a try?

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