December 14


Counseling on a Budget? How to Get Affordable Mental Health Care

This is a sponsored post by BetterHelp. All opinions are my own. 

Have you heard of the terms Telemedicine or Telehealth?

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Neither had I.

Let me give you a quick breakdown. Telehealth or Telemedicine is essentially virtual healthcare. In the case of mental health, you are able to speak with a certified counselor over the phone, email, text message, etc to assist in any mental health issues you may be having.

I recently discovered and their online counseling services.  

I had heard of services like these before, but never really dove into them. After doing my due diligence research, I wanted to share with you what I have learned.

But I want to address something first…

Counseling services that won’t break the bank

Mental health services can be expensive! 

It’s no big secret, we have all heard about people racking up astronomical therapy bills. Many times people avoid spending money on anything considered to self-improvement because they were taught from a young age that these are frivolous expenses. 

These seemingly un-necessary expenses can deter individuals from seeking out mental health services or counseling.

Furthermore, people can avoid getting counseling due to the deeply ingrained stigmas against mental health.

I can personally attest to this. There was a time in my life where things were far from perfect, and I finally realized that I needed to seek outside professional help.

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I had so much anxiety about going to a counselor. What if someone I knew saw me in the office? How am I going to afford to pay for this? What if it doesn’t work and it’s a waste of time? What if I say something wrong and they think I’m suicidal?

I had a bad experience with counseling when I was younger and I put all of those negative thoughts into this new experience. After realizing I just had to suck it up and give it my best shot, it actually turned out to be a great experience!

Anyone can benefit

Now, I’m not saying that something needs to be “wrong” in order to seek counseling services. Maybe you just feel like you can’t relate to the people in your life. Or maybe your life is going good, but you want it to be great and you’re not sure how to get there.

Getting an outside perspective from a counselor might be helpful.

Now, I am by no means a mental health professional. I do have a couple of degrees in psychology, however, I did not go the licensing route. So please do not take anything I say as professional advice.

I know what counseling was able to do for me, and I think it is great for just about anyone.

Easier than ordering lunch!

Now, how can BetterHelp actually help you with counseling services?

You simply go to their website and fill out a short questionnaire. You don’t even have to fill out your full name or contact information. Therefore, you can essentially remain anonymous. They do, however, ask you for an emergency contact for those worst case scenarios.

The first couple of questions include, what kind of counseling you are looking for, gender, age, relationship status, etc. Nothing too invasive. This questionnaire helps to get you paired up with the right counselor and helps the counselor to get a broad view on why you are seeking counseling services.

You don’t even have to worry about racking up thousands of dollars a month paying for counseling either. According to their FAQs section, you can budget for $40-70 a week for your counseling sessions.

So skip the Friday night pizza, or start bringing a brown bag lunch to work and put that money towards improving your life and your health!

Would you try this type of counseling? Why or Why not?

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