September 19


Finding the Right Legal Aid

Few people in ordinary walks of life have a lawyer. You might not have ever needed legal aid. If you’ve never faced legal issues, there’s absolutely no reason why you should have. But, most of us find that we do eventually need legal help. You might be buying a house, or separating from your partner.

You might need legal advice to help with your business or a dispute with a neighbor. Suddenly, you need a solicitor, and you’ve got absolutely no idea where to turn, who to ask for help or even what kind of help you might need. When this happens most of us turn to the first person that comes up in search results or the cheapest option. Here are some tips to help you find the right legal aid for your situation.

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Consider your Needs

First, you need to know precisely what you need help with. Different firms, like The Jones Firm, have different specialties and different fields of interest. Some lawyers might deal with family law and some business law. You might not need a lawyer at all, but instead a conveyancer. Or, you might just need some advice, which you could get from a paralegal.


Whenever you hire anyone, you should consider your budget carefully. Some law firms charge vastly more than others, and they aren’t all clear with their costs. Speak to someone at the firm about your specific case and try to get a detailed quote before you take anyone on. 


Nowadays, a lot of business can be done online. But, most people still prefer to go into the office to meet their lawyer and sign documents. This can help you to feel more secure. Finding legal aid close to home can make things much easier. 

Find Someone Who Understands You

Arrange a face-to-face meeting with anyone that you are considering hiring before you make things official. Ask them any questions that you might have, fully explain the situation and make sure they understand your needs, and what you are hoping to achieve. Be honest with them from the start, and you’ll develop a more trusting relationship. 

Think of Your Comfort

Your lawyer needs to understand your situation and share your hopes for the outcome. But, you also need to be comfortable with them. You need to be happy telling them how you feel and explaining the details. At some points in your case, you may become emotional, and you need legal aid that you feel comfortable enough to cry in front of if you need to, or tell the truth when things get tough. Even after you hired someone, it’s okay to change your mind or ask for a different lawyer at the same firm if you don’t think your relationship is a productive one. 

Trust Your Instincts

A lot of this, is of course, down to instinct. You can, and should, ask for references and ask friends for recommendations. But, these can only tell you so much. No reference will tell you if you trust someone or feel comfortable with them. Your instincts will if you trust them. 

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