September 3


The Unexpected Costs Of Driving

Driving a car can bring you fantastic freedom and opportunities too, but we all know that it doesn’t come cheap.

So here is what you can do about these unexpected costs if they occur!

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If you’re new to driving and have just passed your test you will know that there are many rules and regulations to learn and understand before you get on the road, and the consequences for not abiding by the law can be pretty awful for everyone involved, for obvious reasons such as the safety of other road users. But also because of the enormous fines and potential prison sentences if you make a mistake. There’s no point pleading ignorance, and if you’re not sure about any of the rules and regulations in your area it might be a good idea to get refreshing your memory, or it might cost you, for example, the vc 21453a can cost you $2700 over time! 

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Tire Blowouts

Sometimes you’re lucky, and you can get away with a slow puncture that you can get sorted quickly at a garage but sometimes a tyre will become worn down to the point of exploding, of course, if you take care of your car and you make sure they are always filled with air you will drastically reduce the likelihood of this happening, but sometimes no matter what we do these emergencies happen, sometimes you end up with recovery charges on top of the actual tyre and labour as well, so it’s definitely a good idea to take vehicle recovery cover if you don’t want to be left with a huge bill. 

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As well as the chance of tickets and tire blowouts, you have the general wear and tear of your vehicle to consider, once you own a car you are responsible for the upkeep, but when you’re having your annual service done, sometimes some other problems crop up that you

really did not consider. Because of this, there may be some stress and panic in this situation that you really don’t need. Ideally, you want your car off the road for as little time as possible. The best way to prevent repairs though is to keep all the fluids topped up and make sure there is air in the tires, look after the bodywork by investing in a decent car wash regularly and keep a close eye out for any warning lights on your dashboard, just use your common sense and you will find repair bills reduce.  

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Accidents are the last thing anyone wants to think about, but there are so many accidents on the roads that sometimes it’s impossible to avoid, of course, you should have insurance, that goes without saying. But prevention is better than cure with this one. Make sure you have plenty of distance between you and the rest of the traffic and be very alert. Even your car insurance will have an excess attached to it, so you’re going to be out of pocket one way or another if you’re not careful! 

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Being as responsible as you can by budgeting and taking care of your car will help make sure you won’t get caught out, but as with anything in life you should be prepared for the worst! Get insurance and set up an emergency fund and you won’t go far wrong! 

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