July 16


Save More Money on Electricity With 3 Simple Tips

You have control over the energy costs in your home. Cutting your electricity bill is not as difficult as it might seem. There are plenty of ways to conserve energy, no matter where you live.

Whether you own or rent a home or live an apartment, taking the time to learn about cutting electric consumption is the first step in saving money. 

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Get a Home Inspection

An excellent way to begin cutting your electric bill is by having a technician inspect your home. This professional will be able to look at the places in your home where heat or air conditioning is escaping.

He or she can recommend steps for you to take that will lower your energy bills.
Sometimes, new windows or doors and some insulation can really reduce the cost of heating and cooling your home. Leaking heating ducts account for almost 1/5 of the energy lost from a home. Having those vents sealed is a good step toward saving money.

While these things are going to cost you an initial investment, they will greatly help with reducing monthly costs. Also, if you plan to resell your home, having an energy efficient home will really help with the resell value.

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Energy Saving Appliances

Buying energy efficient appliances will also help lower your total electric bill. The washer and dryer combinations that help to conserve energy are a good investment, especially when there are incentives offered when you purchase them.

Adding energy efficient appliances to your home will reduce the operating cost of things like freezers and refrigerators.

Light Bulbs and Fans

Changing light bulbs and using fans instead of the air conditioner can also cut your energy costs. Fans move air in a way that is much more efficient than an air conditioner. If you can get by with the fans, use them instead of the A/C.

Light bulbs that are energy efficient tend to cost more when you purchase them, but the decrease in your electric bill will offset the cost. They also last way longer than a standard light bulb.

Simple Tips

You can also try simple steps like turning off the lights when you leave a room. Turn fans and other electrical equipment off when you are not home. If you have a computer, unplug it when you leave the house.

Many small electrical appliances use energy even when they are not active. These appliances have a stand-by mode that drains electricity. Unplugging them is a terrific way to cut costs at home.

You might use a surge protector to plug various appliances into and then unplug just the protector when you are away. This allows you to access several appliances at once without crawling under the couch for plugs. 

Try using your stove only during the cooler parts of the day. Also, open and close blinds to allow sunlight to either heat your home or keep the sunlight out of the house. 

Following some simple tips will dramatically reduce your electric consumption and will lead to energy savings in the future. That energy savings translates to more money in your pocket!

Here is a list of appliances and things in your home that you can trade for their energy efficient counterparts for bigger savings:

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