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25 Mother’s Day Gifts for $25 or Less That She’ll LOVE!

Mother’s Day, the day to celebrate that special lady in your life.

Whether she gave birth to you or not, every mom deserves that extra little special attention-at least one day out of the year! But showering her with gifts don’t have to leave your wallet empty.

I know that I personally love a homemade gift (or a bottle of cheap wine). But in case you need some ideas on some beautiful, funny, or thoughtful gifts for that special mother in your life, here are 25 gifts for $25 or less!

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1. Supermom Stemless Wine Glass

I how I love a cute wine glass! I just wish there was a matching coffee mug (coffee for the morning, wine for the evening).

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2. Funny Candle

Candles have always been a default gift to give to my mom for any occasion for as long as I can remember. And even though I was a perfect child **cough cough** I’m sure my mom would still find this funny ?.

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3. “If you can read this” funny socks

I love these kinds of socks! Of course, my favorite one is the “if you can read this bring me a glass of wine.” But these are perfect for any mom, you could even get one for every day of the week!

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4. Slouchy Sweater

As a work at home mom, my wardrobe pretty much consists of leggings and oversized sweaters. I’ll take one of these in every color, please!

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5. Unicorn Sleep Mask

Every mom can use a little more magic in their lives, why not sleep let her sleep in style like the beautiful, magical unicorn that she is?

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6. Minimalist Monogram Necklace

These necklaces a great for wearing by themselves for that minimalist feel, or for layering with other necklaces. Mom is sure to love this simple statement piece.

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7. At least you don’t have ugly children coffee mug

Time for mom to get a new, signature coffee cup? Treat her with this beauty, it’s sure to give you some brownie points!

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8. Unicorn Whipped Soap

That’s right, unicorns are making whipped, foaming soap now! Give mom the opportunity to pamper herself with this luscious, one of a kind, colorful experience.

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9. Organic Bath Bombs

Spoil mom at bath time with these beautifully scented bath bombs. Everything from stress relief to sweet dreams.

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10. Air plants

These beautiful little plants are perfect for decorating a home office or sprucing up a kitchen windowsill. Even better-they are super low maintenance.

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11. Hawaiian Coloring Book

Has mom been dreaming about running away to Hawaii? Well, give her that chance at a much more affordable price with this adorable Hawaiian coloring book.

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12. Long Distance Throw Pillow

Does your mom live in a different state? Reminder her that she is still on your mind every day with this cute little long distance pillow.

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13. Garden markers

For the mom who loves to garden, these cute little markers are perfect. Simple and beautiful.

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14. Personalized Leather Journal

Spoil mom with this beautiful, leather bound, personalized journal. With 14 adorable designs to choose from, you’re sure to find something that she will love!

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15. Wine Bottle Wind Chime

Mom will love these colorful wind chimes made from upcycled wine bottles. Available in 7 colors to fit with any decor!

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16. Reusable market bag 

Is your mom up bright and early to catch the best produce at the local farmer’s market? Then she needs this versatile market bag, available in 7 earth-friendly colors.

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17. Curley patterned rolling pin

Got a mom that loves to try the latest cookie recipe? Then she will love this adorable filigree inspired “curly patterned” rolling pin!

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18. Hummingbird Garden Kit

Another one for the moms out there that love gardening. Or at least they want to be gardeners like myself! Attract all the beautiful little hummingbirds with this adorable little, scented garden!

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19. Wood Mom Frame

“Out of All the Moms in the World, I’m so Glad You Are Mine”, is sure to bring a smile to any mom’s face. It would make the perfect gift for your mom on Mother’s Day or any time of the year.

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20. Grandma’s Garden Stone

For those moms who have graduated to grandma, this is a perfect compliment to any garden or outdoor space.

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21. Personalized Apron 

Does it seem like mom is always in the kitchen? Then she will love this personalized cooking apron!

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22. Mom’s cutting board

Show mom how much you appreciate her with this beautiful, bamboo cutting board.

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23. Family tree shadow box

Suprise mom with this beautiful, personalized family tree shadow box. Big enough to include both children’s and grandchildren’s names!

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24. Mother’s Day Gift Basket

Pamper mom with this luscious, homemade gift basket set. Includes things like a sugar scrub, lip balm, lotion, bar soap, and handmade washcloth.

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25. Artisan chocolate truffles

Spoil mom with these beautiful and delicious chocolate truffles. These hand-painted beauties are made with only the finest ingredients.

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What kinds of great gift ideas do you have for mom? Comment below!

Don't know what to get mom for Mother's Day this year? Check out this list of 25 ideas for $25 or less. Get her something she will love without breaking the bank! Click the image to see all the awesome gifts for mom today! #mothersdaygifts #mothersdaycraftsforkids #mothersdaygiftsdiy #mothersday #mothersdaygiftsfromkids #mothersdayideas #mothersdayfathersday
Don't know what to get mom for Mother's Day this year? Check out this list of 25 ideas for $25 or less. Get her something she will love without breaking the bank! Click the image to see all the awesome gifts for mom today! #mothersdaygifts #mothersdaycraftsforkids #mothersdaygiftsdiy #mothersday #mothersdaygiftsfromkids #mothersdayideas #mothersdayfathersday

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