August 20


Living Your Best Life – On A Budget

You may be thinking, how can the word budget and best life possibly be in the same sentence.

Budgeting is the bane of most people’s lives. However, it has its part to play in preventing you spiraling into debt and losing your house by making sure all of your bills are paid, so maybe it’s not so bad after all. If you’re trying to create a balance between money worries and living, you may be wondering where to begin.

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Naturally, you can expect entertainment such as casinos and luxury holidays to Thailand are not the runners that made a list. Below are a few pointers to help keep your budget intact and live your best life!

Play By The Rules

Living your best life (although defined by opinion and personal beliefs) is to most people one without hassle and worry. Hence, it’s essential to play by the rules of the world to prevent any trouble at all costs. Some of this is obvious like quitting smoking to avoid health problems (and save your money) and to look both ways when crossing the road, otherwise, you might need to contact Eric Palacios Law to defend your case.

Other rules are driving like a responsible adult to avoid being the cause of a nasty accident. Not to mention, risk losing the car you adore that enables you to live your best life by giving you the freedom to go anywhere you want. Not playing by the rules costs money, and so if you’re concerned with living your best life, you need to be alive and well to do that. And so, abide by the doctor’s rules for your health.

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A No Spend Day

One day a week (or more if you prefer), plan a day where no money is spent at all. You can use your house utilities obviously and any leftover gas in your car but other than that, you can’t spend a dime. How could this possibly help you to live your best life you might ask. Well, no spend days force you and your kids/partner to get imaginative, to think outside the consumerist box and use some of the resources you already have to do something fun.

Perhaps you sourced a coupon for free ice cream, a family puzzle from last Christmas you still haven’t opened, or there’s a free local outdoor event on where you can pack up some of the food you already have in the house and head out for the day with a picnic. You can have unlimited fun on no spend days, plus they won’t touch your budget. 

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Swap Something

If you take a look at your budget, there are bound to be a few things you can swap for cheaper alternatives. Which means you can live your best life with the items/ things you love in your life for less.

Perhaps your monthly root touch up at the salon is proving a bit too pricey, so why not ask a friend to touch up your roots with a DIY hair kit from the drug store instead? Or, rather than spending a ton of money on new clothes, why not swap the high street shops for goodwill stores and source vintage clothes instead.

Living your best life on a budget is completely possible, it just takes integrating some adjustments as mentioned above into your daily life.

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