April 11


March 2018 Blog Income Report: -$10.53

So I have been putting off writing this income report. I’ll admit, I was kinda sad when I did my KPIs for the month of March.

But then…

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I read a blog income report from another blogger. It was her 12th blog income report and she was pretty much at the same stage as I am, which made a feel a lot better. I know that we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others. However, it’s good to know that there are other bloggers out there that don’t make a ton of money right off the bat.

Remember, blogging is a marathon, not a sprint.

I was debating not even publishing income reports anymore, but then I realized something. My very first income report was actually pretty popular and has the most comments on any of my posts thus far. So that led me to realize that blog income reports are inspirational to others, no matter the numbers.

So, at this point, I will continue to publish my income reports in hopes or inspiring other bloggers. Whether it’s to start a blog or to keep working on the one they already have.

So here it goes! 

Review of Blogging Goals:

Overall I feel like I was pretty darn productive the last month! 

I really worked to change my mindset that success doesn’t happen overnight. Building a successful blog takes time. I also just generally spent more time working whenever I could! 

Audit the Blog

This is still a work in progress. I am going back through each post and making sure it is optimized with keywords and encouraging more engagement and email list optins. I am also working on consistency in my posts. Making sure they are a little more uniform. 

There are a few things that I want to add to the blog yet, but they require an investment. So, I am going to wait on those for right now. I am hoping to have everything optimized the way I want it by the end of May.

Finish the Resource Page

This is also a work in progress. I have the first big section added with resources for blogging. Other resources that I would like to add include survey sites, investing, savings, money making and saving resources, and just about anything, you the audience, might be interested in. So I think as I discover new resources, I will continue to add to this page.

You can check it out here!  

If there are any resources that you use that you think should be added, let me know! I would be happy to check it out and possibly add it to the page!

Publish 6 posts

So I was close on this one, I got 5 total published! Although post about Swagbucks took me like a week to write because it was a pretty in-depth post. You can check it out below.

I have a habit of going for posts that are super long and in-depth. So I tried to switch them up with ones that were a bit shorter and more graphic focused.

Print out my blogging goals and put them in front of my computer

Done and done. Although I didn’t do this for April yet. I do think it helped though when I was actually in my office working. I have spent most of my time working in the living room or at the kitchen table the last week or so because my office is so cold!

Mid-April and it snowing again…stupid Wisconsin!

I have really been working on getting everything organized better. I have been using AirTable to organize my content, which I have enjoyed so far. At this point, I’m only using the free version, but will probably upgrade later on so that I can have more storage as I have been adding all my graphics and downloadable content into the “tables.”

I am trying to condense all of my resources and where I keep things. I feel like right now I have a million different spreadsheets that I work off of. The thing I really like about AirTable is that I can keep everything in one place and not have to worry about switching back and forth between spreadsheets when I need to find something.

[convertkit_content tag=”356002″][/convertkit_content]

One of the things that was not part of my goals that I did get done was to organize ConvertKit.

When I first started with my email campaigns I didn’t have any real direction and I was creating tags for EVERYTHING! Now everything is super organized and I only have a few, necessary tags. Email marketing can be confusing and overwhelming, it is something that I am still working to perfect.

I also redid all of my Pinterest board covers, which I like way better now!


Ads – $21.75

I’m kind of surprised that the Media.net ads were lower than the Adsense ones. But I am getting SOOO close to the $100 threshold payout for Adsense!

I am also going to be emailing my ad managers to see if there is anything I can do to optimize my ads better. But for now, this is a slow process.

Affiliates – $16.54

  • Smart Asset – $2.25
  • ShopStyle – $8.29
  • Swagbucks – $6 (I haven’t cashed this out yet, but could have at $3).

Check out my ultimate Swagbucks guide here to see how you can earn money by using Swagbucks here! 

Gross Income = $38.29

Whoo hoo! That is a jump up from last month of $23.11, a 60% increase, so not too bad!

This hopefully will increase once the blog audit is complete and I have a better grasp on my content calendar and I actually start running promotional campaigns for things. Such as certain affiliate programs.

But slow and steady wins the race, right?!

*Bonus-I got a freelance client in March, which added $50 to my gross income.

Gross Income with Freelance income = $88.29

Want to learn more about the best blogging course out there? Check out the Billionaire Blog Club! This course lays it all out for you and is simple and easy to understand. Whether you are a complete beginner or have been blogging for a while, Billionaire Blog Club will help you up your blogging game! Not sure if Billionaire Blog Club is right for you, check out my honest and in-depth review of the course here!  Spoiler alert: I offer a sweet bribe worth $150 if you purchase the course through my affiliate link ?.


So I was a little sad when I saw my pageviews, as that and just about everything else decreased ?.

I’m not exactly sure why they decreased as I had my Pinterest cue filled in Tailwind.

There was, however, a nice little traffic spike on March 10th and 11th with over 300 pageviews on those days. So I need to go back through my Pinterest cue and see what went out that day that might have caused that.

So I did end up purchasing a course (in April) called the Billionaire Blog Club. I am going to bust my butt and implement everything I can to really get an increase in my pageviews.

One of the main reasons I purchased this specific course, (this is the first one I have bought by the way) is that the creator Paul runs like 8 blogs and is traffic is almost solely from Pinterest. My goal eventually is to have like 10 blogs in various niches and make money through not only ads and affiliate links, but also through sponsored content and my own products, courses, and services.

I like to keep busy!


My expenses remain the same pretty much every month. I did purchase the course I talked about above, but that was technically purchased in April, so I’m not counting that in with March’s income.

Total expenses = $98.82

So I was only -$10.53 (including my freelancing), which is pretty good.

If you want to know why I use these specific programs, you can check out this income report when I go into them in a lot more depth. 

So apparently on ALL of my other income reports I completely forgot to add in my Quickbooks expense. Blah…

I must have never actually added it to my KPIs sheet…oops!

Last month I was going back and forth as to whether or not I should make the switch from ConvertKit to MailChimp. I decided that I would stick with ConvertKit. It does more than the free version of MailChimp and allows me to make the opt-in boxes and landing pages for my freebies.

A note on Quickbooks, if you do any kind of small business, I HIGHLY suggest that you use Quickbooks. I have used it since I started blogging to track all of my income and expenses. Plus, it was a total breeze to do my taxes for 2017. That was actually the first time I ever did my taxes all by myself!

If you want to check it out you can get 50% for the first 6 months by signing up through my link below.

[maxbutton id=”23″ url=”http://fbuy.me/hbZzd” text=”TRY QUICKBOOKS” ]

Just make sure you have your Ebates chrome extension installed. Last I looked you could get like $37.50 cash back when purchasing Quickbooks!

Blogging Goals

Time to kick some blogging butt! Even though I was kind of sad when I was going over my KPIs for March, I am kicking April’s butt so far!

I am only making 2 big goals this month…

Publish 6 posts

This will be my 3rd post already this month and we’re not even halfway through, so I’m totally on track to publish 6 posts! I have gotten a lot better at pushing out posts super quickly when I need to.

Originally I was not going to focus on food at all with this blog, but I thought I would experiment a bit. I added a post on frugal dinners and three new Pinterest boards to see if this will help to bump up my traffic numbers.

**UPDATE** I have since also put together a few Pinterest group boards, click here to apply for them!

Complete the Billionaire Blog Club course

So I only made two big goals because I want to get this course completed a quickly as possible and implement EVERYTHING from it. That will include a lot, especially when it comes to Pinterest. Things such as redoing my board descriptions to target more keywords and setting up better pin campaigns.

Top 10 Posts from March 

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What are your goals for April (blogging or otherwise)?

Blog income reports were so inspirational to me before I started my own blog. It is because of other's blog income reports that I decided to share my own as well. Click the image below to read the 6th blog income report! blogging for beginners, blogging, blog, blogging for money, blog income reports, blog income, blog income report first year, blog income reports 2018, > blog income reports

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  • It feels so great to see that you actually share all the ups and downs of your blogging journey with others. Good luck and keep sharing 🙂

  • Hey Keegan!

    Fellow BBC member and we connected about my Pinterest group board today… great blog post! It’s awesome that you’re posting income reports right from the start. I’ve been mulling over that possibility and haven’t decided whether to start or not.

    You’ve got lots of detail, and that can really help beginners to have appropriate expectations.
    Whew! Blogging is a lot of work (but I love it also…and have plans for another eventually as well).

    Just wanted to mention that I used to pay out for Freshbooks when I had writing clients etc. and found that Paypal has a free business account. Their invoicing looks pretty decent, and reports are available at year’s end for taxes etc. You may want to check that out…might save you a bit.

    I also recently let go of Canva for work in favor of their free platform. I didn’t think the monthly cost was worth some extra images, colors, and fonts. I haven’t missed them. 😉

    I’ve with you…still trying to keep my earnings over my expenses most months, so I thought I’d chime in with some possible savings for you. Keep hustling!! Great blog.

    Healthy, Savvy & Wise

    • Hey Stephanie! Thanks for reading and I’m so glad that you found the income reports useful! I know when I first started out (7/8 months ago) that looking at both newbie and experienced blogging income reports gave me a lot of motivation. I have actually been really considering letting Canva for Work go in favor or Photoshop (it’s $3 a month less). There are some other side projects that I have in the pipeline that will require photoshop. I do have a PayPal business account, so I’ll have to look into that. We used Quickbooks most of last year and doing our taxes was so freaking easy! So, I’m not sure I’ll let that go, guess I have some more research to do 🙂 See you on the “inside ;-)”

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