July 27


4 Quick Tips To Heat Your Home For Less

The cost to heat your home can get very expensive, especially went you live in a cold state (like Wisconsin).

There are many simple tips available for cutting your home energy bills. Running your heater is one of the things that raises your electric bill the most. If you can spend less time heating your home, you will save money on your next electric or gas bill.

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Here are four quick tips that you can start using today to heat your home for less and save on your utility bills.

Wear More Clothing

The first and easiest tip for lowering your heating bill is to wear some more clothing. That’s right – clothes can lower your bills! If you layer clothing, even while you are at home, you will reduce the time that your home needs to be heated. Wearing several layers of light clothing can cut costs dramatically.

If you are spending the day at the house, put on a sweater in the morning. Wear those sweatpants that you have in your closet and you won’t be cold enough to want the heater running. Clothing keeps your body heat close and minimizes the loss of heat. It’s a simple solution to high electric bills.

Also a cup or two of hot tea or hot chocolate never hurt to keep anyone warm either.

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Solar Panels to Heat Your Home

A second tip for lowering that heating bill is adding some solar panels to your home. In areas that receive direct sunlight, solar panels can dramatically reduce the cost of heat. Although the initial cost of solar panels might seem high, the energy savings will offset that cost quickly.

Solar panels can also be used to heat your water, making that drain on the pocketbook a little smaller. Solar panels are useful for charging batteries that can then be made to supply electricity to supplement your home.

Professional Opinion

Having a professional check your home carefully for energy use is also a good tip. A professional inspector can make sure that your heat pump is working at optimal levels. They can also give you recommendations regarding areas of your home that are wasting energy.

Thermal-coated windows and new doors can reduce the amount of heat lost through those areas. A professional can also inspect the location of your thermostat. Depending on the location, the thermostat can be affected by fluctuations in the temperature inside your home. Those changes in temperature cause the heat pump to work harder, costing you more money.

Not sure if you should make some bigger investments in your home to save some money in the long run? Here are two reasons you should consider it:

  • If you plan to stay in your home forever, it will certainly save you a lot more money down the road.
  • If you are planning on selling, then these energy efficient upgrades can be a HUGE selling point. This equals a higher payout for you come closing day.
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Insulation to Heat Your Home

Upgrading or adding insulation to your home is another excellent way to decrease your heating bills. Plenty of heat escapes through poorly insulated floors and walls. Your attic and your basement might also be draining the heat from your home. With help from a professional, you can decide where your money is best spent on insulation costs.

Sealing the gaps around wires and pipes can also reduce heat loss.
Turning off the heat while you are at work can also save you money. If you can’t turn it off all the way, then at least drop the temperature so that the heat pump runs less during the day.

If at all possible, set your heating with a programmable thermostat during the day/night so you don’t have to worry about it.

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