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Frugal Holiday Dinners for $10 or Less!

We all need a stash of frugal holiday meal ideas to keep up our sleeves, whether for your family to for when guests come to visit. These frugal holiday dinners are meant to be $10 or less to make, but keep in mind this is dependent on where you are buying your groceries and if you are making more of the recipes, for example, doubling it for company. 

These recipes are holiday comfort food at its finest! From creamy butternut squash risotto to leek and sweet potato soup. Get ready to break out your pressure cooker and be prepared to impress your holiday guests! 

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Frugal Holiday Dinners for $10 or Less!

Holiday Entrees

From air fryer chicken to healthy keto recipes, the holidays is a time to indulge in your old favorites and try some new recipes. Even if you are feeding a crowd, these frugal holiday entrees are sure to please your guests.


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Holiday Pasta Dishes

Pasta is great at any time of the year! One of the things that I love about pasta dishes is versatility. You can add holiday ingredients like salmon, pumpkin, and seasonal spices.


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Vegan Holiday Dinners

While the holidays is a time to indulge, that doesn't mean you can't make a few healthy dinners. Here are a handful of vegan holiday dinners that both your vegan and meat-eating family will enjoy.


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