July 15


5 Ways To Raise Some Much-Needed Cash

There is every chance that you will come up against a time where you would have rinsed out your emergency cash reserve, and you hit another wall. In the days before those emergency funds, you would have needed to be creative to generate some cash quickly, and those days still happen – annoyingly enough! In those emergent situations, you need to think of ways that you can raise some money without having to hang around and earn it, and that’s not always easy to do.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to raise some money when you are in dire need of a cash injection. You can do a lot to be creative and raise some cash and below, we’ve got five options to ensure that you get what you need when you need it.

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Temp Work

Okay, so we said you wouldn’t be able to earn it in time, but if you took on a temp position with an agency and picked up a day of work, you can make quick money. If you are working as a contractor or in a trade, it’s even easier, similarly to supply teaching and nursing. You need to consider how much you could earn with one day of work, then go from there.

Sell Things

You can check out the online classified for upcoming public auctions to see whether you can put up some of your belongings for auction. You can even sell some electronics that you no longer use and earn some money for that. DVD collections, records, and CDs will always sell well on eBay and other such sites.

Take Those Surveys

There are plenty of websites like this one that can help you to earn some cash by merely taking surveys. It can take a little time to get up to $100, but if you have the time, you need to consider doing as many as you can. Sign up for survey after survey and watch those little amounts all accumulate into a bigger one. 

Local Work

Have you got a street full of neighbors? Ask them if they have any jobs that need doing. You can mow lawns, paint decks and even prune gardens, and you can earn cash in hand for it. You’ll likely get a couple of people agreeing to let you loose on their odd jobs that need doing and then you can earn more money.

Credit Card Rewards

If you have credit cards and have built up rewards on them, it’s time to extract them. Find out the balances and redeem what you can, whether it’s a gift card for a store or a check from a company. Every little helps, right?

You may not have used any of these methods before, but earning quick cash doesn’t have to be too difficult if you give yourself the time to do it. Take note and go all in – you ‘ve got some money to earn!

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