October 15


5 Quick Tips To Give Your Bank Account A Boost

We all look at the money that we have in our bank accounts sometimes and think, ‘Wow, if only there was an easy way to get a bit of cash now.’ Waiting for payday to roll around can feel like it’s taking a millenium, and making ends meet isn’t always as easy as we’d like it to be.

However, if you’re a little bit savvy here then you may be able to top up your cash pile, without necessarily lifting a finger in order to do so. Well, you may have to do a little bit.

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Here are 5 ideas worth trying.

#1: Sell items that you don’t want

OK, so this does require a little work. However, all you have to do is list your item on a site like eBay, set the amount of time that you’re going to leave it up for, and wait for the big bucks to roll into your account. If you’ve got things just sitting around your home that you don’t want, then there is no reason to hold onto them when they could be a source of cash for you instead!

#2: Monetize your hobby

There are some people out there who are creating awesome stuff through their hobbies, such as crochet items and beautiful poetry. If this rings true for you, why not start selling these things to others, and see whether you can top your income up this way? It may be a small amount of cash that is generated from this in the beginning, but there is every chance that you will earn big later!

#3: Look into what you may be owed

A lot of the time, there are benefits out there that people just don’t know about. Perhaps you’re owed a tax return due to an overpayment, or maybe you need to look into veterans disability info and see whether you can get anything from injury or financial hardship. Though you may not believe that you can get a payout, it’s always worth giving it a try and seeing what your options are.

#4: Start blogging

Believe it or not, starting a blog is a great way to boost your income. Whether you get cash from ads that are placed across your site or you are sponsored by a brand to promote and review their goods, there are many ways to benefit financially from running your own website. Choose what subject you’d like to write about, see whether you can get an interested audience and get started!


#5: Dog sit

OK, we may have just put this one here because it’s so much fun. However, you can get some cash out of it too, and all you have to do is look after somebody’s dog whilst they’re away. Take them on walks, feed them, cuddle them… and get paid for it. Of course, most four-legged fanatics amongst us would do this for free, but it’s great to know that it can also top up your bank account!

Good luck!

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